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Owls confirmed to be the creepiest birds ever. LOOK AT THE FUCKING THINGS. If you fail to notice the one on the left fucking SWALLOWING a rat, then you have the dude singing some satanic chant or something next to him, and then you have those two other fucking psychos synchronized to make you feel creeped the fuck out with their soulless dance of FUCKING DOOM.

I really am tempted to reblog this every time it’s on my dash. That description is one of the best things on the internet.


Owls are fucking adorable and barn owls the greatest of them all


holy shit, I can’t stop laughing. I’m gonna teach my cockatail to sing satanic chants 

I’m laughing omfff

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just in case you somehow forgot how horrible the pro life movement is

if people have the right to the hospital then i have the right to  critically wound them

If people have the right to education then I have the right to give them brain damage

If people have the right to speak freely then I have the right to silence them permanently.

Fucking hell

I just… What???
No no no

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1) Straight with gay tendencies?
2) smoke what? 😏
3)I have but it is a rare occurrence
4) LOL I have not
5) 17-19
7) yas bitch yas
8)just my ears
9) yes ( lip, nose somewhere in the distant future, possibly Monroe , possibly dimples, and more on my ears)
10) bubbles 😉😊😁😚😘❤️💕💞
11) taken for almost two years
12) heavy breathing, neck biting, lip biting, groans
13) cockyness, sexism, too hairy
14) Alice in wonderland
15) You let me be myself without feeling judged
16) my friend Jared
17) very minor car accident. But it was awful regardless
18) I find myself hilarious yet still manage to be too self conscious to be anything besides shy half the time
19) body
20)sense of humor
21) either translator/interpreter or some type of psychologist or therapist
22) good except me and my sister don’t talk much
23) good
24) dinner, movies at home, cuddling, and toking
25) chewing loudly/with your mouth open, rudeness, girls that talk like they’re lil kids
26) talk dark and handsome 😂
27) annoying puny bitch know it all
28) avoid saying they date too many guys
29) stress
30)” did you forget dirty clothes” from my mom
31) clingy, fat, annoying
32) caring, trustworthy, chill
33)not to lose my boyfriend
34) idek it differs
36) my weight
37) actress
38)cotton candy
39) hmm
40) Florida
41) pumpkin spice Oreo
42)Adam Levine
43) our blood is not blue inside our body.

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